Monday, 30 July 2012

Go to meal #3 Chicken dos capas

Laura from Eviedear is amazing at making up meals I would never think of. The other day she made up this great burrito mix that she worked out based on smell! Evie and my Missy Moo find the store bought burrito mix too spicy. The girls demolished this as a side to the vegetable 'tasting plate' we made up of vegetables we found in the fridge!

1 tablespoon of each of the following:
Onion powder
And a dash of salt

Source: littlelioness - check out their review of Zambrero's yumminess!

As a meal we often make up these as 'dos capas' which basically means two shells. We fill a hard shell with the burrito mix (be that chicken, kangaroo or refried bean mix) and a variety of toppings and then wrap in a soft shell. It means that you still get the crunchy taco, but without all the mess! We got the idea from our regular haunt Zambrero on Rundle Street in Adelaide.

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