Thursday, 12 July 2012

The beginning of our small orchard

I posted yesterday that we bought home the first of our tree babies, so I thought I better continue the story, and let you know what happened next.

We were still on a 'retail high' - you know that buzz you get when you buy something that you think is going to make your life better in some unrealistic, delusional way! So when we started discussing where we would put our new babies and making sure we had space for the mandarin that we will have to pick up later, we noticed that if we did a 'bit more' clearing we could actually get 7 trees in! We are planning to put a tree in the middle of every panel of the fence.

Unpacking our new dwarf babies!

The BIG moment!

Missy Moo doing a spot of rhythmic gymnastics in front of the royal gala (left) and peacharin (right) trees.

Horsing around with the rope from the tree packaging in front of one of the newly cleared sections.

Our Pinkabelle in the newly cleared space.

Perry's gave us an info sheet to help us with the care of our new dwarf babies. I was surprised that we only need to water them in when planting and then not water them until they start getting leaves. We also need to do some copper spray to prevent leaf curl, which we will do at the beginning of August.

We have three spaces for more space for trees, feel free to leave a comment about what you think we should get!