Monday, 9 July 2012

A trip to an orchard

It was another beautiful Adelaide day yesterday, so we made the most of it by driving to the semi-countryside to visit an orchard. We headed to McLaren Flat (near the famous wine region, unfortunately no time for tasting today!) to check out the very popular Perry's Fruit & Nut Nursery. A number of my friends had recommended the trip and we were not disappointed!

The staff there are great. They helped us out with choosing trees that would give us fruit spread out over the year. They also helped us with cross pollinating apples and choosing trees that would suit the size of our garden.

It was so much fun dreaming about what food we could be producing in two years! In the end we chose:
Pinkabelle, which is a dwarf Pink Lady Apple, which has a gorgeous shape.
A dwarf Royal Gala, another popular apple which will grow to about 1.5 metres.
A peacherine (also known everywhere else except South Australia as a yellow flesh nectarine!) which will stand at about 2 metres.
Missy Moo appropriately eating an apple and playing in the orchard.

Perry's made it so easy to transport the trees as they remove the soil and then place them in saw dust  and wrap them together.

We really wanted to get a mandarin tree as well, but unfortunately they didn't have any in stock.... oh well I guess I will have to take another trip down to the lovely orchard and maybe pick up a few extra trees while we are there!

If you had space for an orchard which fruit trees would you choose?

Photography by Missy Moo- shame the model didn't put much effort into her pony tail!

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