Monday, 25 June 2012

Seasonal goodies cheat sheets

In my previous life I was a consultant working on systems, procedures, resources, marketing and events for people working with families. The temptation to create resources for seasonal eating cannot be resisted any more!

I'm the type of person that loves a good eating plan. I love the organisation and reliability of it. In an effort to relax a bit I've tried to scale back the controlling side of my personallity, and create systems that help me feel in organised but also allow for some flexibility. I know, it still screams control issues - but one step at a time!

Last week a girlfriend (who is super skilled in image design as well as jewellery, make up and photography) helped me out with this little project. We created some pretty cheat sheets to print off and put on your fridge of seasonal goodies. So far we've created a:
year round goodies cheat sheet and
winter goodies cheat sheet.

These sheets have nutritious foods that will hopefully inspire you to use some of their goodness in your next meal, and help me chill out about planning. I love cheat sheets as I know I can revisit them when I'm having a mental blank when writing the shopping list.

I'm also hoping these cheat sheets will help me eat a wider variety of nutritious foods. It's so easy to stick to the veggies and ingredients that we are useful, but I'm hoping to break free of my food conservationism!

Each week (well, when I'm motivated) I'm going to focus my attention on a vegetable or ingredient that is in season. I'm going to link to some info about why that vegetable is so fabulously nutritious and then hopefully give you a stack of seasonal recipes to try out.

Are there any veggies that you would like me to kick off with?

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