Thursday, 21 June 2012

Organisation obsession

I would like to admit that I'm an obsessive organiser. The other day we got this great island bench, from our good friends at IKEA. Our bench is a new love in my life! We got it straight from the display - thank you 40% off! It's made cooking so much easier with more bench space and it's given my over stuffed pantry a reprieve. I had so many plastic bags of dried fruit, nuts and seeds stuffed in my tiny pantry I never used them as they were too hard to find. BUT NOW:

I even got out my old Tupperware labels and labelled all the lids so I could see them from the top!

I made seed and nut bars so quickly the other day as I was able to find all the ingredients quickly. I even found some I didn't even know I had! 

Please excuse the "lived in" look in the background! But this is our new baby! 

How do you like to organise? Colour coding? Hiding stuff in the spare room? Getting the kids to do it?

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