Saturday, 16 June 2012

A life lesson in math - 9 vs 1 trailer load of soil

It turns out that I should have paid more attention in math class. Mr Teoh, my 9th Grade math teacher would be so pleased to hear that I finally agree. It turns out those pesky decimal places are rather crucial! I diligently measured the garden beds, but when it came to multiplying said area I may have multiplied it by 50cm rather than 50mm. Long story short I almost had 4.41 tonnes of soil delivered instead of 441kgs! Fortunately Candice at Jeffries was happy to alter my order no hassles!

The thing I love about Jeffries is that they are green waste recycling plant. They take the green waste from Adelaide and turn it into usable gardening products. I love recycling! Chances are if you live in Adelaide and use your green bin, it will end up at Jeffries. Also, your local playground, kindy, school probably has their bark chips too! Missy Moo's kindy just had bark 'blown in' which was quite fun to watch for all the kiddies.

We chose the Jeffries special soil as it is 50% soil and 50% compost already mixed together - genius. It also doesn't stink!

They also deliver, which we gladly accepted!

The truck driver did an amazing job of maneuvering the delivery in as close as possible to our car port!

Half a tonne - not 4.41 tonne! So glad we don't have to move 9 trailer loads of soil!

Nate has already dug in the back section where I cleared the other day, but I still have to pull out 20+ spider plants out the front before we can reclaim our carport/play area. I'm really looking forward to ordering the trees soon!

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