Saturday, 22 December 2012

So it is Christmas....

I love Christmas. My family is German English and more recently Australian. We have a kind of blended festive ritual which I love.

I especially love decorating. Every year since Missy Moo was one we have made our own tree out of something recycled or something re-purposed  This years tree met it's fate on a hot day when the wall heated up and the sticky tape couldn't take it any longer. So it went from attempting to look like this:

To this:

In the past we have done a few creative ones. Last year Nate used gardening wire to make cone shaped spiral around his bass guitar decked out with fairy lights, the year before that we hung red ribbon spanning out from a single point and the year before that we cut out brown paper and stuck it on our apartment window. Next year I would like to do a stained glass window. Do you have a Christmas decoration tradition?

For our Christmas festivities we get in early on Christmas Eve with my German/English side of the family. We eat too much, we catch up, we drink and then we open gifts, KK style. It's one of my favourite evenings of the year. When we were young my Poppa would sneak off and dress as Santa to give all the gifts. It took us years to work it out! Now, we delegate it to the two youngest family members. Unfortunately for the baby boy (who is now a strapping young 18 year old) of the family has been carrying the torch for a long time. My second youngest cousin (21) was super excited when my Missy Moo came along to let her off the hook! Last year our second longest serving elf roped in her boyfriend to assist and I believe fun was had by all.
The helpfulish elves with Missy Moo

The next morning is a fairly slow start. We open gifts and stockings with our one small family. Then brunch evolves at our place with my parents, sister and her partner. 

Later that night we do Christmas dinner too! This year we are hosting Nate's parents. On the menu is prawns, turkey roll (done in the Weber - yum) and a leg of ham. We will throw in a bit of salad too for a bit of colour! For dessert I'm planning self saucing chocolate pudding. I do them in little cuppacino cups and serve with icecream. I'll try to post the recipe and a photo later.

Boxing day rolls round (well at least we do after all the food) and we have a lazy day at home or the beach. We try to be around for midday to see the start of the Sydney to Hobart. We are a yachting family and this year my parents are flying out after brunch to Sydney to go see the start of the race in person. Yes, I'm a wee bit jealous, I'll have to add that to my bucket list.

What are your plans for the holiday season? 

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