Thursday, 13 December 2012

Rainbow Birthday Party

It's been a while, I know! But I have had the delight of planning a Rainbow themed Birthday Party for our Missy Moo who turns 5 just before Christmas.

After weeks of planning, and trawling the shops for all things rainbow Sunday was the big day! In my previous life I worked in events, in fact kids events, so the pressure was on to pull this off!

Decorations for me were the draw card to a rainbow theme. I figured anything colourful was fair game and was more gender neutral than princesses and fairies! As it was warm we shaded the carport with a rainbow of crepe paper. Although it blew down by the end of the party, it shaded the food from the sun and was a great talking point. Also to keep Missy Moo occupied before the party we let her decorate our driveway with directions on how to get into our overly private house. It was a win win as Missy Moo felt she had an important job to do and it added a bit of fun as soon as people arrived. I also left the chalk out for a quiet activity for those who wanted a break from all the excitement!

I organised a stack of activities that kids could join in when and if they wanted, rather than organised games. We got some great rainbow colouring in sheets from here and here. I also had a ball toss game, totem tennis and coloured wooden bead necklaces. Hubby also made some ribbon wands that the girls danced around with.

Food was surprisingly easy. We had a plate of veggies and dip displayed as a rainbow, (artificial colour free) rainbow jelly, fruit skewers, popcorn, smartie cookies and grain waves chips. For drinks I caved and got juice (Missy Moo can get rather hyped on juice for some unexplained reason) and T2 Strawberries and Cream with Turkish Apple iced tea, YUM!

The party ended with a bang, well two in fact... I managed to find a number 5 rainbow pinata (you could imagine my excitement in Spotlight) which we filled with coloured bouncy balls and chocolate coins. The kids were rather into it with most having a red hot go at smashing it as hard as they could. Here is our Missy Moo in full swing, literally!

The second bang was the rainbow pinata cake. This cake had more food colouring than anything I have ever seen, but I guess that's what you get when you outsource to the 'cool' Godmother with no kids! This cake was a master piece and I did feel a twinge of guilt letting Missy Moo smash it. When I gave her the rolling pin she looked at me to see if I was serious.... needless to say it didn't take her long to be convinced.

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