Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Open plan entertaining...

Our lounge, complete with amazing Swedish Rug from Etienne (one of my fav Adelaide stores) but also available from here and here.
Photography and styling in this photos & all below by the always fabulous Katie Dawson

This room only needed a coat of paint, especially on the skirting boards, door and window frames. However we also changed the light fittings as they were just paper lanterns and the ugly pink Venetian blinds! This room also needs new flooring, but we refrained from doing this as some people like carpet and some like hard floors, so the new buyer can choose (and install).

Our house has an unusual layout with a double narrow carpeted entrance and room next to the kitchen/family room. It makes no sense to have two living spaces in the one room and it's awkward to make it into one large lounge room due to it's narrowness and fire place orientation. So styling is was a challenge for Katie, but as usual she made it welcoming yet stylish. Our dream was to put bamboo floors through this space. I don't get dining rooms over carpet in family homes, everyone knows it's only going to end in disaster, but it's the only logical way to create two living spaces.

Our own dining table and chairs from home. We are currently eating on our old dilapidated blue couches (you know how I feel about blue). 

The thing I love about this room is our amazing couches. We designed them at the manufacturer. We literally called Beilby's and popped into their workshop. Lou the owner was great and we chose a general style and then negotiated measurements of every component of the the couch. We widened and lowered the arm rests so they would be easier to operate a computer mouse on and comfortable to lie down on. Then the huge decision of fabric! This took us a while, but in the end we decided we loved the two dark fabrics we had narrowed it down to so either way we would be happy. The greatest feature of the couches is the life time warranty on the cushions, yes lifetime. It's made out of this awesome better-than-foam type stuff that lasts. It's a really environmental choice as foam isn't great to create or throw out, so I'm glad it's going to last.
Our fabulous life time guarantee (cushions, 10 years on frame) couches from Beilby's
Cushions from FreedomIkea and Target.

Nest of tables from Freedom.

Plates and bowl from Freedom.
Candle holders from Ikea.

Do you have any styling successes that you would like to share?

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