Monday, 24 September 2012

A trip down Kitchen Renovation memory lane...

Our very blue and dysfunctional kitchen

Before we moved out of our family home we replaced our hideous blue lino with bamboo floating floors and while we were at it I snuck in a new kitchen too.

No more blue! And relatively eco friendly too!

After... our fresh blueless kitchen!
Photography & styling by Katie Dawson

The complete kitchen, don't touch, I don't want to get it dirty!
Photography, styling & cheeky photoshop chalk by Katie Dawson 

This kitchen was put in when I was pregnant, not the best time to renovate! At 8.5 months I insisted on sitting on the sink and painting the window frame. Clearly nesting as Missy Moo came a few days later!

We are very lucky to have a super handy dad. My dad is a cabinet maker by trade and allowed me to design exactly what I wanted with out a scrap of measuring! I literally got out EVERYTHING I owned in my kitchen and put it into piles on the floor to work out where I would like it stored it so it would be in easy reach of where I would use it. I made a preparation, cooking and cleaning zone and thankfully it has really worked. This kitchen is the only thing I have missed since moving from this house, which is why I thought I would show it off first!

Stay tuned for more rooms soon!

What would be in your ideal kitchen? Colours, style, practical items? Thermomix? ;)

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